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Safe Practices
QuickStart Toolkit Overview

TMIT has developed QuickStart Packages™ to aid leaders in the adoption of the NQF 34 Safe Practices for Better Healthcare at your organization.

A QuickStart Package™ is a set of multimedia resources that will aid in the implementation of the NQF Safe Practices for Better Healthcare. We have developed a QuickStart Package™ for each of the 34 safe practices. These packages contain:
  • A slide set outlining the history of the practices, the harmonization effort culminating in their creation, data to support the problem addressed, the practice, and evidence-based implementation examples that can be used in your organization.
  • A set of videos that can be downloaded and used in your presentations. They will include explanations of the problem, practice, and implementation aspects of the practice, humorous clips, and real success stories from the front line to help tell the story of the practice and drive adoption.
  • A collection of peer-reviewed articles and resources that support the practice
Get started with implementation at your organization by selecting a Safe Practice through the provided links and downloading the full QuickStart Package™.

Safe Practices
Safe Practices (click on an active QuickStart Module)
2: Culture Measurement, Feedback, and Intervention
3: Teamwork Training and Skill Building

Consent & Disclosure
5: Informed Consent
6: Life-Sustaining Treatment

9: Nursing Workforce
10: Direct Caregivers
11: Intensive Care Unit Care

Information Management and Continuity of Care
12: Patient Care Information
13: Order Read-Back and Abbreviations
14: Labeling Diagnostic Studies
16: Safe Adoption of Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE)

Medication Management

Healthcare-Associated Infections
19: Hand Hygiene
20: Influenza Prevention

Condition- and Site-Specific Practices
26: Wrong-Site, Wrong-Procedure, Wrong-Person Surgery Prevention
27: Pressure Ulcer Prevention
28: Venous Thromboembolism Prevention
29: Anticoagulation Therapy
30: Contrast Media-Induced Renal Failure Prevention
31: Organ Donation
32: Glycemic Control
33: Falls Prevention
34: Pediatric Imaging
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