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The Cleveland Clinic has long been a leader in many fields, and it is now providing a great example of integrating high-performance quality improvement in every field through quality institutes. It will be featured in upcoming TMIT documentaries.

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The Cleveland Clinic – Intensive Care and Intensive Leadership

Dr. Nicholas Smedira, leading cardiothoracic surgeon, gave us a tour of the CardioThoracic Intensive Care Unit. Cleveland Clinic's focus on leadership has made it one of the top institutions in the country. He shared his surprise at the adoption of the surgical checklist.

A Message to Consumers

Dr. Michael Henderson, Chairman of the Quality and Patient Safety Institute at Cleveland Clinic, gave some great advice for consumers seeking safe healthcare.

The Power of Stories

A recurring theme is the power of stories. As Dr. Shannon Phillips, Patient Safety Officer of the Cleveland Clinic shared with us, collecting and sharing stories is critical in getting board and C-Suite engagement on patient safety.

Patient Safety Takes Cultural Change

Dr. Allan Siperstein of the Cleveland Clinic talked with Dr. Michael Henderson about the successes of using the surgical checklist at the Cleveland Clinic. The advantages are numerous and the key to success was a real cultural change.

Quality Roundtable Meeting – Laguna Beach, California

Senior quality leaders from several leading organizations convened in Laguna Beach for the second annual Quality Roundtable Meeting on November 17, 2009. The purpose of the meeting is to provide an informal venue where participants can share their ongoing efforts, highlight successes, and discuss barriers that are unique to their organization.

The meeting was convened by Stephen Swensen, MD, and James Dilling from the Mayo Clinic. Participants included Michael Henderson, MD, from the Cleveland Clinic; Michael Chase from Colorado Permanente Medical Group; James Tucci, MD, from Spectrum Health Hospitals; David Ballard, MD, from Baylor Health; Donna Saxton from Ochsner Health System; and Charles Denham, MD, and Franck Guilloteau from TMIT.

The meeting was hosted at the TMIT facility in Laguna Beach, and while a video shoot had not been planned, the group graciously allowed TMIT to capture some footage of their rich discussions on patient safety and quality.

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