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TMIT Patient Safety Documentaries

TMIT is driving production of multimedia development of stories to improve patient safety in hospitals. Certain broadcast programs will be shown globally, and then will be made available to hospital leadership, front-line performance teams, and consumers. Stories will include those told by consumers, front-line caregivers, clinical and non-clinical leaders of hospitals, and international subject matter experts. The series of "arc to action" stories will be told to inspire both community and hospital leaders to act locally.


TMIT Patient Safety Documentary
Greatness By Accident: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm

We are creating a series of inspirational documentaries highlighting "extraordinary impact through ordinary things."

Actor Dennis Quaid hosts this movie and shares the story of his twins' near-fatal medical error as a way of engaging audiences. A series of short "arc to action" stories further illustrate the reality of medical error. Each story opens with a challenge and then tells how caregivers and leaders from other industries overcome such challenges with practices that everyone can adopt. The target demographics are consumers and hospital leaders. The objective is to inspire the audience to act in their own communities or at their own hospitals. The messages reinforce supporting adoption of major measures, standards, and practices that save lives.

This documentary is the fourth in a series. To view the first documentary, Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm, click here.

  • A made-for-TV documentary, 53 minutes long and entitled Greatness By Accident: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm, is in the pre-production stage. Greatness By Accident is being produced by TMIT. After it has aired, a commercial-free DVD will be produced and distributed for free to all U.S. hospitals by TMIT, and will be sent to the chairmen of the governance boards, their CEOs, quality leaders, and nursing leaders. A second hour of content, composed of digital short stories and concept messages, will be added to the DVD as a toolbox of assets to help hospitals pursue zero harm.
  • Great care and safe care exist at the intersection of leadership, practices, and technologies. Engaged leaders, practices that deliver predictable outcomes, and adoption of technologies that support leadership driven practices will be illustrated in each documentary.
  • Once the broadcast version has been aired and DVDs have been distributed, access to additional media will be made available through the TMIT website.
  • Topics include risk management, patient safety, and leadership, with specific focus on organizations where an accident prompted a leadership team to dramatically transform their organization, using the story of the accident as one of the major levers for change.

  • Terrific front-line caregivers, subject matter experts, and leaders who are wonderful role models from healthcare, government, community, and quality organizations will tell their stories.
  • Role model leaders who learned from a tragic accident to galvanize positive improvement throughout their healthcare organizations.
  • The consumer target audience for the documentary are CFOs - the "Chief Family Officers" in our communities: soccer moms and grandmothers, who make more than 70 percent of the healthcare decisions in America. One in four citizens is caring for someone else, and 80 percent of the caregivers are women.
  • The hospital leadership audience members are governance board members, administrative leaders, and clinical leaders dealing with today's challenges of investing in patient safety in the face of shrinking resources.

  • In light of multiple awards and response the prior two films have earned, TMIT intends to broadcast the film on a national television network after a nationwide publicity campaign to build viewership.
  • The prior films have been distributed by broadcast, DVD, and over the internet to 93 countries, and they have been adopted by those in healthcare education and continuing education in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and radiologic technology. They are being used in Research and Development activities by TMIT in its National Research Test Bed of more than half of U.S. hospitals. It is anticipated that this film will be used in the same manner once released.
  • After broadcast airings, the film will be aggressively promoted in 7 study zones by TMIT: Orange County and Bay Area/Silicon Valley; Central Texas; Rochester, Minnesota; Cleveland, Ohio; Jacksonville, Florida; and Boston, Massachusetts. Impact studies will be undertaken to drive the pre-production of the fourth and fifth films in the series.

  • Most patient safety documentaries and stories delivered through mass media either provide a very depressing and sobering picture of U.S. healthcare, or highlight technological breakthroughs that are unavailable for front-line hospitals. This documentary is intended to be a call to action for everyone by providing real-world opportunities to improve today, rather than to wait until tomorrow. Consumer media stories driven by the economics of advertising are typically negative. Greatness By Accident will provide inspiring stories that offer a solution path for healthcare systems failures.

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