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TMIT Patient Safety Documentaries

TMIT is driving production of multimedia development of stories to improve patient safety in hospitals. Certain broadcast programs will be shown globally, and then will be made available to hospital leadership and front-line performance teams. Stories will include consumers, front-line caregivers, clinical and non-clinical leaders of hospitals, and international subject matter experts. The series of "arc to action" stories will be told to inspire both community and hospital leaders to act locally.

The goal is to save lives, save money, and deliver value to the community through extraordinary impact by improving ordinary things.

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Trailers and summaries of the upcoming documentaries in this series:

Surfing the
Healthcare Tsunami
Healing Moments Greatness
By Accident

Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm trailer.
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National Press Club: April 12, 2010: Dennis Quaid referred to the documentary in his speech. Click here to view the video of the National Press Club speech.

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TMIT-Discovery Patient Safety Documentary
Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm

From a Patient Safety Leader:

Quaid it seems, has found a new purpose in his life, a purpose which is irresistible to anyone of us who stops for a moment to consider the implications of the type of complexity (and danger) which faces our patients. This one hour view seen in 4 segments is simply the best type of production of its kind that any of us have ever seen, featuring many of the top leaders within the patient safety movement, as well as patients and family members who have been harmed by the care delivered to them. We think it will provide the perfect backdrop for the other things we hope to raise up that week.

Patient Safety Leader Front-line Hospital System

From Consumer in Community:

This program was absolutely riveting. It was a perfect balance of stories and information for those of us who do not understand healthcare. Now I know what I can do to keep my family safe. My questions is: why don't we have more movies like this? Why do we always see the bad and never the good? This movie makes me proud of my caregivers and makes me want to talk to my local hospital leaders to get them moving. I don't need advertising. I need safety for my family. Congratulations to CareFusion, AORN, and TMIT for funding this and to Dennis Quaid for sharing his passion and life with us. I know he does not have to do it.

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