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TMIT Patient Safety Documentaries

TMIT is driving production of multimedia development of stories to improve patient safety in hospitals. Certain broadcast programs will be shown globally, and then will be made available to hospital leadership and front-line performance teams. Stories will include consumers, front-line caregivers, clinical and non-clinical leaders of hospitals, and international subject matter experts. The series of "arc to action" stories will be told to inspire both community and hospital leaders to act locally.

The goal is to save lives, save money, and deliver value to the community through extraordinary impact by improving ordinary things.

To open the Hospital Leaders Toolbox, click here.

Trailers and summaries of the upcoming documentaries in this series:

Surfing the
Healthcare Tsunami
Healing Moments Greatness
By Accident

Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm trailer.
Click on the image above to play the documentary trailer.

Click here to view the entire 53-minute documentary.

Click here to download a complete version of the documentary transcript.

National Press Club: April 12, 2010: Dennis Quaid referred to the documentary in his speech. Click here to view the video of the National Press Club speech.

Click here for terms and conditions of use for Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm documentary and the Hospital Leaders Toolbox

Chasing Zero® is a registered trademark of CareFusion Corporation.


TMIT is undertaking a number of market channels initiatives with major healthcare stakeholders to deliver integrated programs of national meetings, webinars, and co-development efforts to affect patient safety leveraging documentary and Toolbox assets:

Medicare Chasing Zero Programs: 
Blue Cross Blue Shield Chasing Zero Programs: 
  • The Chasing Zero documentary was distributed to BCBS leaders of the 39 healthcare plans and 60 companies at their national meeting. DVDs are being made available for distribution to the hospitals they work with in all 50 states and three territories. Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare plans purchase care for 100 million covered lives and spend $500 billion.
  • A video entitled Ground Zero: The Boardroom, Not the Bedside is a call to action for governance boards to use Chasing Zero for board retreats. It is now streaming on the BCBSA website. See link for various versions of the video. BCBSA plans will be invited to participate in the national webinar. For background resources, click here.
AORN Collaboration and Chasing Zero Programs: 
  • The documentary and the Chasing Zero Leaders Toolbox, comprising more than 2-1/2 hours of content, is provided on DVD and on the TMIT website. The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) and CareFusion, a healthcare innovation supplier company, provided educational grants for the Chasing Zero documentary and Leaders Toolbox. They will be undertaking regional programs across the USA to help nursing and patient safety programs use the content and additional educational content to accelerate patient safety. See links for their organizations and watch for future links for their Chasing Zero programs: AORN and CareFusion.
WHO Chasing Zero Relationship: 
  • The Chasing Zero documentary included segments from Zurich and video clips from meetings at the WHO headquarters. Sue Sheridan and Dr. David Bates are both leaders of WHO initiatives, and were both in the initial documentary. Their WHO programs will be highlighted in a global version of Chasing Zero. The Chasing Zero Leaders Toolbox will be made available to leaders of 193 countries once a global version is completed. See Sue Sheridan's work at WHO by clicking here: Patients for Patient Safety Improvement; and Dr. Bates’s work at WHO by clicking here: WHO Patient Safety Research Priorities.
Discovery Chasing Zero Relationship: 
  • The Chasing Zero documentary was originally broadcast to 3.4 million viewers. The continuing education program offered by Discovery may be taken at DiscoveryCME. The Chasing Zero Leaders Toolbox will provided to those seeking copies of the documentary from Discovery. TMIT and Discovery are in discussions about a series of documentaries following the same framework of a one-hour broadcast, with a DVD Leaders Toolbox to be distributed to follow it. A global version of Chasing Zero is being contemplated. Watch this webpage for updates.
Global Patient Safety Forum Chasing Zero Programs:  
  • The Global Patient Safety Forum is a global convening initiative of TMIT focusing on accelerating patient safety innovations along the entire healthcare value chain. It is coordinating the energies of the leading quality, certifying, and purchasing organizations, as well as stakeholders such as suppliers, providers, and governments. The goal is to break down the barriers and leverage the accelerators of innovation adoption. The Chasing Zero documentary, Leaders Toolbox, and global versions of the documentary and series of TMIT documentaries will be used to drive the GPSF mission. Click here to see Global Chasing Zero program.
Global Patient Safety Summits and Chasing Zero Programs:  
  • A global meeting of hospital leaders and quality experts from around the world was convened in Nice, France, in April 2010. The volcanic eruption in Iceland prevented many participants from coming, however TMIT held a Virtual Summit over the internet that enabled 95% of the planned content to be delivered and captured. Click here to view the material. The speakers and attendees had such a great experience creating the program that they have joined to put on a series of virtual and on-site summits during 2011 and 2012. Click here for the schedule and plans. The Chasing Zero documentary will be either re-edited as a global version for these programs or will be replaced by an entirely new documentary with global perspectives.

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