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The Challenge: A major barrier to adoption of patient safety solutions is the lack of financially responsible decision-support information. This program provides models and examples that hospital leadership teams need in order to confidently "greenlight" investments in patient safety. The "accountable care movement" represents a seismic shift in the multi-trillion dollar market from provider-centered volume driven forces to patient-centered value-driven forces. Profit centers will become cost centers overnight – challenging even the most sophisticated.

The Greenlight Network: World class organizations and individual experts from quality, certification, and purchasing organizations provide clinical, operational, and financial expertise and data. Employers and consumers will play an important role in our work and will be fully represented.

The Collaborative Initiatives:
Greenlight Provider Models: Our leadership decision-support investment models will address clinical, operational, and financial performance for typical hospitals and ambulatory care systems. They provide structure and flexibility: the structure to address specific patient safety gaps, while providing the flexibility of givens, assumptions, and variables to adjust forecasts for care providers' unique situations. The ultimate objective is to provide what is necessary for CFOs and finance teams to vote "yes" to greenlight investment in patient safety initiatives, with the confidence in the ROI and financial impact of those programs. "CFO-validated factors" will be developed through a consensus process with input from leading CFOs.

Consumer and Payer Decision Support Tools: Our work will provide critical information so that patients and purchasers can choose the right providers at the right price so that they will receive the right care in every community every single day. To view collaborator organizations' video clips from the TMIT documentaries, click here.

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Leadership Continuous Development and CareBoards™ Programs

These programs provide state of the art continuous education and professional development for leadership teams and governance boards as healthcare stakeholders transition from a provider-centered transactional volume-driven world to a patient-centered value-driven world. A special program for governance board members called CareBoards™ has been developed for this very important group.

Emphasis is placed on the intersection of leadership, practices, and technologies with learners developing knowledge and competency in the "4 T's of Leadership: Truth, Trust, Teamwork, and Training" addressed addressed in the recent documentary: Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami: Bring Your Best Board™. Click here to view movie.

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