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VHS NTSC ~ James Thrall
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"Dr. Thrall is one of our nation's foremost thought leaders in Radiology. During an interview we were conducting regarding the heroes of patient safety, he related an incredibly powerful and beautiful metaphor shared by a patient transporter at a graduation ceremony at Massachusetts General Hospital. Not only is the metaphor of great impact, but the impression it left on Dr. Thrall reflects the commitment and depth of caring that the great physicians in our country share. This short clip will provide a wonderful introduction to any performance improvement meeting of clinicians, staff, trustees, or administrators. "
Charles R. Denham, MD
Chairman, TMIT


Dr. Thrall is the first and only physician to hold both the Radiologist-In-Chief position at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Juan M. Taveras Professorship of Radiology at Harvard Medical School, receiving both appointments in 1988. Prior to these appointments, Dr. Thrall occupied a number of prestigious medical positions. Throughout the 1980s Dr. Thrall was a staff member of the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, where he served as the Chairman of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Medical Group, and as a Physician Trustee of the Henry Ford Health Care Corporation. Earlier in his career, he was a Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan and the Assistant Chief of Nuclear Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

James H. Thrall, MD: Radiologist-in-Chief, Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital

MD Degree: University of Michigan Board Certification: Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Radiology Clinical Interests: Nuclear Cardiology, PET Scanning, Skeletal Scintigraphy.

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