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Medication Management Collaborative Overview

Welcome to the TMIT Medication Management Collaborative website. The purpose of this Collaborative is to expedite the knowledge spread of best practices and national initiatives related to the complex medication management system. This group will work to create optimal medication usage through reliable, streamlined processes.


Adverse drug events, or ADEs, are the most frequently cited significant cause of injury and death among hospital patients. The IOM Committee on Identifying and Preventing Medication Errors estimated that at least 1.5 million preventable ADEs occur each year in the United States [Aspden, 2006]. The committee estimated that ADEs accounted for $3.5 billion (in 2006 dollars) of additional costs to hospitals using a rate of 400,000 ADEs per year in hospitalized patients. A study of 4,200 charts in Massachusetts community hospitals revealed a 10.4% ADE rate, equating to one ADE per 10 inpatients [Bates, 2008]. ADEs contribute to 2.5% of emergency department visits for unintentional injuries and 0.6% for all visits [Budnitz, 2006]. Many of these injuries and costs are preventable.

Collaborative Performance Objectives

  1. Create and sustain a culture of safety in your organization
  2. Engage organizational leadership and the board of directors in medication safety issues
  3. Evaluate safe and optimal medication measurement for internal improvement monitoring
  4. Identify medication-related practice gaps and potential patient harm triggers
  5. Identify best practices and share innovative practice solutions
  6. Increase awareness of medication-related national priorities, including medication measures, standards, and practices

Opportunities for Participation

  1. Join the TMIT-sponsored Medication Management Webinar Series at no cost to your organization (schedule forthcoming)
  2. Access the Medication Management Collaborative Workbench
  3. Submit your best practices to improve care broadly by presenting during one of our webinars
  4. Share tools and resources with your collaborative colleagues

This Collaborative is sponsored by TMIT. There is no fee to join. Your organization may participate at your comfort level. If you are interested in joining the Medication Management Collaborative, please enter the information below and submit it to TMIT.

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