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Communication failures and the lack of listening have caused irreparable harm in the lives of countless patients. While these errors are not intentional, they are preventable. Through the stories of several patients whose loved ones have been injured in our system, we examine the critical issue of listening.

These patients and family members have a message for us. Whether we are doctors, nurses, hospital CEOs, Trustees, or other patients and family members, we can save lives, save money, and build value in the communities we serve if we just learn to LISTEN.

Using the 4A Model of Awareness, Accountability, Ability, and Action, this video addresses the problems and solutions concerning communication failures in our organizations.

All donations collected for this DVD directly cover the cost of duplication and shipping. TMIT does not make a profit from this DVD.


Donation requested: $10/DVD

Total Run Time: 50 minutes
Version 1.4.6
Updated on August 8, 2008

  • Listening – Full Length Version (30 minutes)
  • Listening – Short Version (20 minutes)
  • Section Selections
  • Patient Safety Articles from The Journal of Patient Safety
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