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Participation Documentation for the September 15, 2016, Webinar:

Harmonizing Healthcare Emergency Codes

TMIT offers participation documentation that you can personalize and print* at your convenience.


Please note that this is a participation document. It is not, itself, a continuing education credit. You will be receiving further information regarding a course for continuing education credit after you request the participation document.

Step 1. Please click here to e-mail your information to TMIT in the form provided in the e-mail body.

Step 2. After the live webinar, we will confirm your participation by comparing the information you provide in the e-mail to our registration list. We will reply to your message with the password to unlock, print, and fill out your participation documentation. The form is in Adobe™ PDF format.

Please note: The e-mail reply containing the password will not be sent to you until after the webinar airs, typically within five (5) business days after the webinar.

Step 3. A pdf copy of the form will be attached to the email from TMIT that contains your password, or if you can't open the attachment, you can print the form by clicking on this link: General Participation Credit (after the webinar).

*You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, click on the Adobe icon to download for free.

For more information, you can phone 512-479-8508.

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