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May 17, 2012, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET
Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami: Bring Your Best Board – Applying It to Continuing Education
 Session Overview

Storytelling is a highly effective tool to engage all the stakeholders, and TMIT has just completed its most recent made-for-TV documentary entitled Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami: Bring Your Best Board™. This inspirational documentary highlights "extraordinary impact through ordinary things," and provides a call to action for all people interested in healthcare to repair, develop, and enhance the invisible safety net that keeps patients and caregivers safe.

This session will start with the viewing of the 53-minute documentary, followed by a panel discussion of nurses, trustees, and caregivers who will discuss strategies to use the documentary for continuing education, and raise awareness of critical quality and patient safety issues and drive engagement and actions at all levels of the organization.

Webinar Video and Downloads

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Registration Information and CE Credit Information:
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 When:  May 17, 2012 Time: 1:00 p.m.-2:30 p.m. ET
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Learning Objectives

After viewing this webinar you will understand:
  • that engaged leaders, practices that deliver predictable outcomes, and adoption of technologies that support leadership-driven practices are at the heart of patient safety.
  • the global crisis of harm and waste and the opportunity to move from harm to healing and from waste to value as hospitals move from a provider-centered, volume-driven economic care to a person-centered, value-driven care.
  • that great care and safe care exist at the intersection of leadership, practices, and technologies. An invisible safety net composed of these three threads keeps patients and caregivers safe.
  • stories from aviation, government, and industry that demonstrate the "4 Ts of Leadership" – how great leaders engage the head and heart to move the hands to action and the voice to teaching from within through Truth, Trust, Teamwork, and Training.
  • that the 5 Rights of Imaging™ can be used to reduce overuse, under-use, and misuse of imaging to reduce waste and harm while optimizing the value of innovations.

CE Participation Documentation

Texas Medical Institute of Technology, approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 15996, will be issuing 1.5 contact hours for this webinar.

Nurse Faculty: Justine Medina

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Charles Denham, MD

Charles R. Denham, MD, is the founder and the chairman of Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT), a non-profit medical research organization dedicated to driving adoption of clinical solutions in patient safety and healthcare performance improvement.

 Session Panelists
Sharon Rossmark, MBA

Zayos Global Ventures President/CEO Sharon Rossmark has more than 30 years of business experience in the financial services, insurance, and e-commerce arenas. Prior to establishing Zayos Global Ventures, she served as an executive for the Allstate Insurance Company.

Charles Denham, MD

Charles R. Denham, MD, is the founder and the chairman of Texas Medical Institute of Technology (TMIT), a non-profit medical research organization dedicated to driving adoption of clinical solutions in patient safety and healthcare performance improvement.

Ellen Canepa Brzytwa, RN, MSN, MPH

Ellen Canepa Brzytwa, RN, MSN, MPH, is a consultant and civic activist in the Greater Cleveland area. She is the principal of Ellen Brzytwa and Associates, a healthcare consulting group, and consults on healthcare research; the design of integrated delivery systems of healthcare; institutional advancement; board governance issues; and the nursing profession.

Jack E. Garon, MD

As Chief Medical Officer for Sinai Health System, Jack E. Garon, MD, has oversight of the clinical departments, clinical quality, and safety, as well as undergraduate and graduate medical education. Sinai Health System is an inner-city safety-net provider, caring for some of Chicago’s neediest patients, with an acute-care hospital; a free-standing rehabilitation hospital; a 200-person employed medical group; a research institute; and a community institute.

Justine Medina

Justine Medina, RN, MS, is former Director of Professional Practice and Programs at the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Her role was identified as the key resource for practice, education, research, and public policy for the association.

Franck Guilloteau

During the past 19 years with HCC Corporation, Franck Guilloteau has led multiple projects, spanning industry segments from aerospace and consumer products to software and fitness. He has assisted in development of the Spectrum Systems, which is used by global suppliers as part of their production solution development.

A grant of $750,000 by General Electric Corporation (GE) provided less than one-third of the funding of the Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami: Bring Your Best Board program and toolbox. TMIT, HCC Corporation, and the Denham Family Fund provided the balance of the funding. No characters in the film were paid. All images and video were captured directly by TMIT, were licensed as stock content, or were public domain. None were provided by General Electric or any other supplier corporation. HCC Corporation and Dr. Denham provide services to GE. All speaking subjects provide full disclosure details following a rigorous framework for Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Education Unit provision.
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